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In a world where discriminatory messages have managed to make their way into our daily lives, at Moneytrans, we want to highlight the International Day for Tolerance by sharing you the history of our team, a great example of tolerance!


Tolerance is an attitude! Tolerance is about wanting to listen to someone else’s point of view. Tolerance is about valuing this point of view and learning from it. The path to tolerance always starts with oneself! That’s why days like today allow us to make the first step and take time to reflect on the prejudices and richness that can be found in the variety of cultures and forms of expression that exist in the world when we decide to leave prejudices behind. So today, join us for a day free from discrimination!


Everyone is welcome in our family!

At Moneytrans, we are very lucky to be able to say that we are a multicultural family! Over the years, people from different parts of the world have joined us and today, our team is made up of Belgians, Spaniards, Moroccans, Argentinians, French, Peruvians, Colombians, Ukrainians, Nicaraguans… and so on, up to more than 40 nationalities., 70% of our team members were born outside Europe and women also represent a large percentage of the team. And thanks to each of them, we have learned that, by being tolerant, differences always enrich us! Tolerance is not only a matter of respect but is also about appreciating the richness of the various points of view in order to build a common future-oriented project that includes everyone, and that, in our case, has been Moneytrans. Thus, if the diversity of our co-worker’s nationalities and cultures has become one of our greatest treasures, it is tolerance that has made us a truly united team!

At Moneytrans, even lunchtime has become the opportunity to learn words that cannot be pronounced in other languages, to taste traditional dishes from all around the world and to share stories that make us want to travel and discover more countries! For this reason, we did not want to miss the occasion to celebrate with you the International Day of Tolerance, because it is part of our DNA and thanks to it, we have been unstoppable for more than 20 years!










To all of you who are part of this great Moneytrans family, from the bottom of our heart, thank you for being such an example of tolerance!


Tolerance is part of our DNA and has not only influenced our team spirit but also the way we work! We are proud to be a team of immigrants from all over the world because it gives us the incredible chance to really understand our clients, to put ourselves in their shoes and therefore, to be able to develop real solutions to meet their needs!

Our multiculturalism gives us the opportunity to be always a little closer to you, to be a company that takes you into account. It is because we are a team composed by and for immigrants that our commitment is to always be as close as possible to you and make your life easier! Find out more about our company and enjoy our discounts!

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