We celebrate International Migrants Day by opening the 1st Call for Immigrant Entrepreneur Awards in Moneytrans!

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We celebrate the dynamism of the world’s 258 million migrants and, more particularly, of the almost 6 million established in Spain.


Throughout human history, migration has been a courageous expression of individual determination to overcome adversity and seek a better life. Today, with globalization, the number of people who have the desire and ability to move elsewhere has greatly increased.


“Migration is a phenomenon that has always existed. Climate change, demography, instability, growing inequalities and aspirations for a better life, as well as unmet needs in labour markets, tell us that migration will continue to exist”. —António Guterres, General Secretary of the United Nations.


We want to use this International Migrants Day, December 18, to launch a message that helps to break stereotypes and recognize the contribution of migrants who create jobs, economic, social and cultural value and benefits for our society.


“They come to Spain with a dream, they have a great desire to work and they occupy the market niches that autochthonous self-employed do not occupy due to the lack of generational replacement.” —elEconomista.es


To this end, we have decided to hold the “Moneytrans 2019 Immigrant Entrepreneur Awards” with the aim of giving visibility to and recognising the contribution of immigrant entrepreneurs to the development of our society.

More specifically, this initiative aims:

  1. To identify, recognise and give visibility to entities made up of immigrants in Spain.
  2. To break with stereotypes and prejudices about immigrants.
  3. Promote and favour relations between projects, institutions and organisations linked to the world of job creation.

Studies show that migrants bring development and innovation, both to their countries of origin and to the countries of destination. Anderson, director of the National Foundation for American Policy, launched an investigation and found that 44 of the 87 companies in the USA, valued at more than 1,000 million dollars, had at least one immigrant founder, and that in 71% of cases these entrepreneurs continue to be linked to management positions. Some of these companies will sound familiar: Google, Intel, WhatsApp, PayPal, Yahoo!, eBay, and Tesla.

Most Western countries suffer from an aging population and low birth rates, so they will have to rely on migrants to drive and sustain economic growth.


5 prize categories


Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Here we evaluate business growth (turnover, number of employees, etc.), the candidate’s history and the development of the company.

Women Entrepreneurs Award

Here we wanted to materialize again our commitment to the empowerment of women through this award, we evaluate the originality, as well as the generation of employment and increased economic activity.

Young Entrepreneur Award

Here we evaluate the maturity, proactivity, inventiveness and determination with which a young migrant founder (under 35) projects and faces the future.



The Moneytrans team has been specialising in financial services for migrant communities around the world for more than 20 years.

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