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Are you living abroad and want your family back home to be protected in all circumstances? Do you want to guarantee the financing of your children’s education if something happens to you? Indeed, a life insurance guarantees the payment of a certain amount of money by the insurer in case of accident, the amount and the accident types being established in a contract signed by both parties. This can be used as a guarantee for your loved ones in order to provide them with the funds needed if something was to happen to you. As you might expect, there are different types of insurance available today, to cover all types of needs and all types of people.

Learn more about it in less than 5 minutes so that you can make the best decision for you and your loved ones!


What is a life insurance plan?

A life insurance policy finances the protection of your life and that of your family or those who depend on your income in the case of unexpected events, accidents, disability, hospitalization or death. The insured pays a monthly contribution to the insurer so that, if one of these situations occur, the beneficiaries (the person you designated to receive the insurance benefit) receive a sum of money that guarantees that they willl be able to cope with the situation. For example, in the event of death, the insurer would cover the cost of repatriation and funerals, thus avoiding additional costs for your family in your country of origin.

When looking for the best insurance, you will often hear about insurance policy. This is the contract between you and your insurer, detailing all the terms and conditions of the insurance in question (what it includes and what it does not include). Simple, right? So what is a life insurance policy for: peace of mind, the certainty that you and your loved ones will be safe and sound!

Indeed, different insurance plans are available, depending on your particular need. For instance, if you are looking for an insurance plan that protects not only you but your family, you might want to purchase a life and disability insurance. Indeed, this will also cover your loved ones in case of something happening to you. With this plan, you will be provided with different and complete services regarding body repatriation, disability that prevents you from working, death etc. Thanks to it, you and your family will be protected no matter what.


Which life insurance is best for me?

If you are a resident in a foreign country and are wondering what insurance would be best to provide for all your needs, we can help you: To ensure maximum security, the best option is life and disability insurance. Insurance is particularly useful for people whose family members are dependent on their income and who may not have sufficient savings to ensure that in the event of total disability or death, their loved ones can continue to maintain their standard of living. It is therefore particularly useful if you are a resident of foreign origin who sends money to your relatives abroad. Moreover, in the event of death, the repatriation of the body and the funeral costs will not be a financial burden for your relatives in the country of origin.


Benefits of life and disability insurance

With your life and disability insurance, you and your family will be insured no matter what! Whether your loved ones are near or far from you, you will be able to take care of them and guarantee them a serene future in all circumstances. Here are a few examples of why you should get a life and disability insurance.

1. Peace of mind for your loved ones: Indeed, thank to your insurance, in case of death, they will receive the amount of your insurance, especially in case of disability to work (e.g. disability, accident etc.), allowing you and your family to ontinue to live serenely.

2. Monthly payments and up to 3 months free with a Smile Account: Thanks to the free insurance obtained by opening a Smile Account, you will receive a lump sum of money in case of disability preventing you to work.

3. Build your heritage: Releive your loved ones from having to liquidate their assets to cover costs with a life insurance.

4. Modify the policy: During the period established by the contract, your life and disability insurance will allow you to modify the conditions and extend your coverage if needed.

5. Assistance with repatriations and total disability: In the event of death, this insurance will take care of all the formalities from the repatriation of the body to the burial of the person concerned. Moreover, you will benefit from assistance in following all the necessary procedures such as contacting the funeral services. In case of total disability, you will receive an amount of money as well.



Who should take out life and disability insurance?

Whoever you are and wherever you are, taking out insurance will always provide you with priceless peace of mind.

Have you found a new life in a foreign country but still want to take care of your loved ones back home? Taking out a life and disability insurance policy will guarantee you and your loved ones optimum protection in the case of unexpected events happening.

Indeed, in the event of a death, the insurance will take in charge the repatriation and funeral’s costs, which is a relief especially if you and your surroundings are living abroad.

Thanks to this life and disability insurance, you will ensure your loved ones a more peaceful future whatever happens to you. Taking out insurance is an investment in your protection. Thanks to it, you will be able to enjoy your life without having to worry about the possible risks taken!


How can I get free life and disability insurance?

How many times have you dreamed of having peace of mind? At Moneytrans, we cover everything that is important in your life. With your Smile Account, you will be eligible to get a free life and disability insurance! Visit one of our branches in order to activate your Smile Account and benefit from our diverse insurance options according to your needs.

Thanks to the collaboration between AXA and Moneytrans, we are able to offer you a new free insurance which covers different essential aspects of life:

  1. Repatriation: Assistance with death formalities and repatriation of the body(contacting the undertaker, assistance in writing the death announcement, indication of the steps to be taken) and repatriation of the body, up to 1000 euros (funeral equipment up to 800 euros, funeral services up to 1250 euros).
  2. Deaths: Covers burial and funeral costs, up to 1000 euros.
  3. Accident total disability: Benefit from a lump sum if you are declared unable to work, up to 1000 euros.

With your Smile Account, if you are between 18 and 64 years old, you will be eligible to get a free life and disability insurance! Don’t hesitate, choose now the insurance plan that suits you best. The Smile Account, is about taking YOUR interest into account!

Here is an example of our client that has shared her story about what worries her daily and why she got a life insurance policy. Meet Betty!



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