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Every year on August 1st, World Day of Joy is celebrated. An initiative that was presented by the Colombian Alfonso Becerra in 2010, during the First Congress of Chilean Cultural Management, to celebrate life.


The World Day of Joy is an invitation to think about the importance of knowing and having this feeling more present in our daily lives, how to live it and how to learn to share it with those around us.

A sincere smile to the person passing by us or a loving hug to a family member are some of the “little” details that life gives us to fill our hearts and the hearts of others with joy.

To feel joy you must have a positive attitude and enjoy the “little things in life”. If you lack imagination, here are 7 examples of action to help you find joy:


1. Spending time for leisure

Carrying out activities that we like most, such as meeting our friends or seeing our family, is a source of joy. Psychologist Dan Gilbert has studied the relationship between leisure and happiness. And according to him, we not only benefit from the activities, we also enjoy planning them. In the case of activity planning, this feeling of satisfaction sometimes lasts for several weeks. It has also been shown that people feel happier when they spend their money on experiments and not on objects.




  1. 2. Getting enough sleep

Health is joy, so sleep well contributes greatly to our well-being. However, we tend to reduce our hours of rest too much. Lack of sleep causes moodiness and irritability. In the long term, hypertension, gastrointestinal problems or professional difficulties await us. So many reasons to get the most out of our nights.




  1. 3. Doing sport

To be happy and fit, our body needs to exercise. Physical activity acts on the body by fighting stress or improving self-esteem. It gives a sense of satisfaction. You have to find the sport that suits you. When the body works, everything works!




4. Having five meaningful relationships

One study found that people who had at least five significant relationships in their lives were twice as likely to say they were very happy and had happy moments. A meaningful relationship is one in which you can trust the other person, be yourself and speak without fear or shame. In addition, many experts consider that having friends and sharing moments of joy with them is one of the most rewarding experiences that human beings have throughout their lives.




5. Going out of home

At the very first opportunity, go get some fresh air and maintain contact with nature. Walking outdoors strengthens muscles and increases the endurance of the immune system. The impressive landscapes, the noise of the environment, the variety of the terrain… All these elements contribute to stimulating the brain and creativity. In a world that is going faster and faster, and in which we are constantly running, knowing how to go out and stop in natural and resourceful places is still essential to find ourselves.




6. Laughing a lot

Laughter brings benefits to the body. Because if it is a relaxation for the spirit, it has a relaxing action and combats stress and sadness. Dr. Henri Rubinstein, a French neurologist, even says that one minute of laughter equals 45 minutes of relaxation.




7. Be surrounded by happy people

Joy is contagious and captivating. Those who radiate happiness inspire and motivate those around them, and give them that drive to achieve their own happiness.




Stop focusing so much on your problems and decide to spend more time with your loved ones and value the time you spend with them, enjoying every moment.

In short, the recipe for happiness is simple: devote time to what you like, don’t neglect your sleep, practice sports, have friends, get out of your house, laugh a lot, and surround yourself with happy people. These are actions within everyone’s reach, to be practiced without moderation!


It’s time to celebrate life!

Happy World Day of Joy!


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