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We present you the story of our beloved new incorporation as Trainee to the Digital Marketing team of Moneytrans Spain, Caroline Garrett.


French by birth, but with an international heart and soul, she studied for Applied Foreign Languages at the prestigious French university of La Sorbonne, she finished her university career in the Spanish city of Madrid, specializing in Marketing, Communication and Advertising through a program of exchange.

Upon her return to France, she decided to pursue her current Master’s degree in International Trade Affairs at the University of Lille, but in love with Spain, she opted to seek for an internship in this country.

Determined to accept the challenge of entering to work in a large international company, in which to develop their knowledge in the world of digital marketing and provide their ability with languages, she went to work to find her dream job. 

Currently Caroline is one of our great team and is in charge for supporting the Digital Marketing department, and thanks to her language skills we can get our messages to more people around the world.

Passionate about her work, she loves learning new things and staying up to date; what she likes most is SEO positioning and analytics, although she recognizes that she would like to develop her creativity when making designs.

“I am very happy to have started working for a company like Moneytrans. At first, I was a bit afraid to think that I would have to be speaking in a other language than my own all day, but I was also encouraged thinking about the international team of the company”.

The first impression I had when I did the interview with Leticia Carbajo, our Head of Marketing, was very positive since they gave me a lot of peace. I took a great joy when they told me they had selected me to work with them. 

“At Moneytrans, the price of success is hard work but the atmosphere is fantastic just like the passion that animates its people. The workplace feel like a Startup and everyone is very nice. Colleagues are always willing to help you and no matter the position you have, they listen to any idea you want to propose or action you want to start, and if it is good it is carried forward.”

Another thing that encourages me a lot is the multiculturalism that exists, other companies tell you that way, and then it’s not true. Here there are people from almost all parts of the world and it is nice to see how we are all friends. 

I also love working at Moneytrans for the social work they do, they bet on education as a method to help societies develop and invest a lot of time in it, when they say that to Moneytrans the important thing are people and help them, they say it for real”

Caroline s’ hobbies include travelling, she has been to Peru and India on two humanitarian trips. As a curious story about her, she told us that her great-great-grandfather was American, his name was Patrick “Pat” Floyd Garrett and was the man who ended the criminal career of Billy the kid.



As Caroline, the entire Moneytrans team is made up of professionals in love with their work, who strive to offer services to help all those who need them in difficult times.

If you need to send money to your loved ones, top-up your mobile phone or the one of a friend, or you need peace of mind when calculating the price of a money transfer, do not hesitate to visit us in our main page Moneytrans or contact us to resolve any questions.



The Moneytrans team has been specialising in financial services for migrant communities around the world for more than 20 years.

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