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On February 17th we attended the TedX Malagueta event, the event of the year that aims to spread ideas and had as its main themes: Imagine – Involve – Inspire. At the midday I was surprised to hear Orobola Akinradewo’s talk; her story inspired me and I wanted to share it with you, to get involved because it is an example of hope for all migrant women in search of a better future.


It all started in Ondo (Nigeria) where Orobola was born; after finishing his studies in management and public administration, he decided to migrate to Europe in search of new opportunities and in the hope of being able to help his family in his home country, as most migrants do.

She arrived in Malaga 17 years ago with nothing but self-confidence and a desire to work for the community. She tells us that when she arrived, the first thing she did was look for an apartment. She did not speak Spanish and unfortunately was the victim of a scam by an unscrupulous person. Instead of seeking revenge she tells us how that moment was a blessing for her. She decided to take charge of her destiny and study to become a real estate agent..

Once she had her diploma as a real estate agent in hand, she founded her own company with the aim of facilitating and guaranteeing fair treatment of immigrants in the rental and purchase of housing. Avoiding them the bad times she went through.

In addition to being an entrepreneur, Orobola is a real activist for women’s empowerment and development in Africa, and a volunteer at several immigrant women’s support associations. She is founder and director of the association GLOBAL SUPPORT FOR AFRICA DEVELOPMENT (GLSUFAD ESPANA) which Moneytrans wants to join.


Global Support for Africa Development (GLSUFAD) is a registered international non-profit organization, which aims to alleviate poverty, reduce extreme hunger and disease, and promote peace and development in Africa through the development of its infrastructure.
GLSUFAD works to enable people to develop and liberate themselves from extreme poverty, and also strives for economic justice, equality and sustainable development that can promote human potential, promoting education, the empowerment of women and youth, employment and community development, humanitarian support and international cooperation. They organize conferences, workshops, events, conferences, too, and participate in community events and civic activities.


At Moneytrans we strongly believe in the positive aspects of empowering women and particularly migrant women. We want to sensitize all members of our community, men, women, co-workers, clients, suppliers, to these positive aspects, create opportunities for migrant women and promote this hopeful message to the migrant community. Based on these results, we developed the FORWARD methodology and tools to assist migrant women in the process of self-recognition, validation and development of skills. To carry out this work we tried to be as creative, open and flexible as we could.

Women and girls represent half of the world’s migrant population. Whether they are in conflict zones and are forced to move, to escape poverty, to join their families or to seek education and economic opportunities. Women and girls often face both the challenges of migration and pre-existing forms of gender-based vulnerability. In this context, exposure to violence, trafficking, abuse, discrimination, neglect, sexual exploitation and assault can be exacerbated if women do not have access to sustainable income-generating activities on their own in destination countries.

Women’s economic empowerment enables them to increase their capacities to become the main agents of their own lives and choices. It can also effectively protect women from exploitation and from informal, unstable and low-paid jobs. Ultimately, women’s economic empowerment lays the foundation for women to live in freedom and independence.


At the end of her speech, 900 people stood up to applaud Orobola, the woman who had come to Spain in search of a better future and who had found it, who had provoked it. Orobola’s ovation showed that the power of education moves the world.

Orobola has been employing 20 people for more than 20 years. It does not take advantage of the system as some say; nor does it steal the work of others, or subtract. She sums it up.

We admire her courage, her patience, her intelligence, her solidarity. She is an example to all of us.

Today we wanted to pay tribute to her and to remember that in this context of forced migrations and societies that build physical and mental walls, a cultural change is necessary in favour of a more open and just world.

Education is key to this because it allows us to broaden horizons and overcome mistrust and prejudice.



At Moneytrans we stand for a barrier-free world that supports the integration and empowerment of all people who need it, whether through technology or in person. That is why we are at the disposal of all the people who require our services to solve any problem they may have.

We are more than just a money transfer company, discover our universe and what we can do for you.

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