Send money to more than 140 countries in a matter of minutes? It’s possible with Moneytrans! Whether you are a private individual or a company, make your online international transfers and take advantage of the best commissions now! Better than a bank! We offer you a world of possibilities!
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In Moneytrans we are more than a team. We are a family and our mission is to create a better world. We believe in synergies, what about you? If you are passionate and motivated and want to belong to our family, don’t skip this section.

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If you have the talent and the dream of doing big things, Moneytrans could have a place for you.

We are more than 400 people form 50 different nationalities. 400 people who are curious, dedicated and open to challenges. And, above all, we believe that differences enrich us.

We are much more than a traditional money transfer company. Over the last 5 years we have invested in innovation and, since 2017, we are part of the prestigious Fintech Belgium association.

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Our team is our success! The last 20 years are the result of a team which has given its utmost. Nothing would have been possible without every single team member.

A young and dynamic team

We are a young, flexible and dynamic team which backs motivated, genuine and passionate people who want to change the world. A team which believes in multicultural differences, because we think that that always add value and not subtract it.

A team which continues growing

In Moneytrans we are proud of our team, of our family. A family which has continued growing over the last few years thanks to our recruitment actions. Our forecast: grow more and more. Do you want to join?

A human sized team

In Moneytrans we are more than a team. We are a great family. Here we all know each other, we share birthday cakes, we celebrate Fridays together and we are also available in the hard times.

A multicultural team

In Moneytrans we are proud to belong to a team which is 100% multicultural! We come from all over! You will hear Spanish, French, English and Arabic being spoken… and even Malagueño! And we love it! Differences enrich us!

A passionate team

We all give our utmost because our sector and our mission are important to us. We know that we help to improve the lives of a lot of people. That’s why, every day, we give it 200%

Mutual trust

In Moneytrans our work is based on synergies and we always work horizontally. Here, management believes in their team and vice versa. We understand that we are all equal and every new idea is always welcomed.

A collaborative culture

Our work dynamics also create inter-departmental synergy. Therefore, every area or department can count on the support of the others. Here we are united. All of us striving for the same objective.

A relaxed environment

Here we feel comfortable, we dress casually, we dress up at carnival time, we sign up for viral challenges, we like to laugh and tell jokes and, above all, we like to enjoy ourselves!

A flexible company

Beause we know that work is not everything, in Moneytrans work-life balance is fundamental. Working hours are flexible because every person is different and we believe that that must be respected.

We believe in internal promotion.

In Moneytrans we believe in people and in opportunities and, therefore, we want to increase our team’s potential! We believe in internal promotion and, for that reason, we place special emphasis on training.

We believe in opportunities

Because we believe in opportunities, in Moneytrans there are various collaborators and employees who started in one job and, over the years, have progressed to reach the top level.

Whoever arrives, stays!

In Moneytrans we can boast that we have the lowest turnover of all the companies in our sector. The people who join Moneytrans…stay here! There are people here who joined us at the beginning, 20 years ago.

We believe in opportunities and in internal promotion in our team. We are proud that we have changed and improved the lives of many people who belong to our family. join us

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With our work, we spread smiles around the world every day and we do our bit to make the world a better place. Is there anything more satisfying?