The beautiful Yamor festivities are coming!

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Every year Ecuadorians in the city of Otavalo and the surrounding communities celebrate the Yamor festival with enthusiasm. For many, this historical-cultural celebration is “the most joyful celebration in the most pleasant city in the country”.


Today Nuria Perugachi, an Ecuadorian from Otavalo and a Moneytrans customer for 13 years, shares with us a little more about those colorful and generous Yamor festivities.

“What nostalgia the beautiful festivities of the Yamor bring me…. Every September my thoughts are there in those beautiful moments that I enjoyed in my youth. As a municipal employee, I had the opportunity to be secretary of the Yamor Festival Committee on two occasions. I was able to experience the organization and development of the event intensely, step by step, and what gratifying memories!”

First of all, a little bit of history. The festival was born in the Monserrat neighbourhood, where the Virgin of Monserrat, patron saint of Otavalo, and the Pachamama were celebrated. The beautiful part of it is that it projects an act of the same people united in its diversity, such as the grains of corn that are fiercely consolidated on a cob.

On this festivity, typical dishes and drinks are offered, among which the chicha del “Yamor” is a must-have. The word “YAMOR” comes from two words, “Yak” synonymous with wisdom, and “Mur” for grain. That’s why Yamor meant the chicha of wisdom, since it is a drink made from seven varieties of corn. And since it was offered during the party, they named the celebration after that delicious drink, and that’s how the Festival of Yamor came about!


Every year, at the end of August until the first week of September, the historical and cultural celebration that unites the chicha and the religious faith of the people of Nuria takes place, to thank the Virgin Mary of Monserrat and the Pachamama for the harvest of corn and the life-giving work of the Otavalo region.

For this reason, events are held at various venues in the city and in nearby communities:

  • The spectacular opening speech with the parade of emblematic cars, dances, bands, music, in which several local, national and international delegations participate.
  • The election of the queen, in which the beauty of the Otavalan woman is highlighted.
  • The swim crossing of Lake San Pablo, in which hundreds of participants travel 3.8km between the sectors of Araque (the starting point) and the Muelle Costa Azul (the finish line).
  • The blessing of the harvest carried out with the participation of devotees of the Virgin in a procession from the Shrine of San Luis to the cross of the Socavón.
  • Music festivals with the participation of national and international artists.

And so they welcome all tourists, national and foreign, who attend “the most joyful celebration in the most pleasant city in the country”.


Nuria Perugachi decided to leave her beloved country, Ecuador, 18 years ago in search of a better future for her 3 children.

“I left my country looking for a new life, opportunities for my children, well-being and peace of mind. Family reasons drove me to make that decision, and I don’t regret it, I found everything I dreamed of, especially the future of my children, who are my inspiration and of whom I am very proud. When I arrived in Brussels I knew that I was going to continue helping my family in Ecuador and that’s when I discovered Moneytrans, the company I had been sending money through for 13 years. I chose Moneytrans because the service is fast and effective, it has many providers, including Banco Guayaquil and Global Envíos, which all Ecuadorians know. But what I like most is its people: when I go to an agency, I am very well attended, they are very friendly and warm, and that is so important to me!”



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The Moneytrans team has been specialising in financial services for migrant communities around the world for more than 20 years.

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