Folk dances: ambassadors of our homeland!

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That smile that comes to us when we are abroad, and we see a couple dancing that dance that reminds us home… And you can only get that smile with folk dances! Because they are part of our culture, our land and who we are. They are like home! This is how popular dances make us feel and this is why each country has its own way of expressing itself. Today, on the International Dance Day, we are proud to present you 10 traditional dances from all over the world! Would you be able to guess from which country they come from before reading the description?



Three lateral steps to the right. Two strokes with your left foot and the same thing with your right one. You’re almost there! These are the basic steps of alunelul, a folk dance where the dancers are the feet that are moving fast in a circle formed by all the people who want to join the celebration. Traditionally associated with religious ceremonies, alunelul is a symbolic dance from… Romania!



If there is a popular dance for Latin people, it is salsa! Migrations have made people dance more and more salsa all over the world and it is impossible not to follow its rhythm when the music starts. And if not, ask the Cubans and the Puerto Ricans! 





This dance is a mix of European roots of jota or fandango and African rhythms. It is a dance that is danced in couple. Indeed, originally, the dance was used to conquer lovers, but no worries, you don’t need to be in love to dance cueca. All you need is a scarf that you will have to move in circle to the rhythm of your companion. Some Chileans will surely teach you their national dance! 



This one is an easy one! It has Latin and African origins and it is one of the most joyful and famous folk dances in the world. You may have seen the sensual movements of this dance in major festivals such as the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro. Because samba is the national dance of Brazil! 





It is also a dance that is danced in pairs and each movement represents the union between Spanish, African-American and indigenous culture. These are the origins of Marinera! And if you want to see it with your own eyes, every year in January there is an international competition in Trujillo… Peru! 



Its name comes from the African word “cumbé”, which means “celebration”. It is a celebration of the Caribbean coast. Cumbia is danced in pairs, men wear white and red scarfs and women wear the colours of the national flag of Colombia, that is where this dance was originated in spite of the fact that it has become a tradition in several countries of Latin American.





This dance has a particularity: it is danced with rain boots! The dancers hit them against the floor creating a choreography. Its origins are related to the mine workers, who used the sounds they made with their boots to communicate with each other. This singular dance has its origin in South Africa! 



If there is a passionate dance in the world, that is tango. Its main characteristic is to dance with one hand around the waist and the other one in your partner’s hand. These sensual and elegant movements are part of the popular culture of Argentina and Uruguay! 



This dance is considered as a fire dance and requires great technical skills. It is one of the 8 national dances in its country of origin and it have gained international recognition thanks to the combination of dance, theatre, music and its colourful costumes. We give you a clue: you have probably seen this dance in a Bollywood movie. It is undoubtedly a good way to get to know the Indian culture!





The singing, the guitar, the hand clapping, the heel clicks, and the flounced costumes make flamenco unique. It has been declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, so you can’t visit Spain without seeing one of its most traditional dances!


The music or dance of our homeland is part of our roots. It is what makes us feel at home, even if we are thousands of miles away. And this is priceless! With this article, we hope to have brought you a little closer to your home and we would like to invite you to follow us on our networks to discover other articles and exclusive promotions.

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