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At Moneytrans, our mission is to offer you the best service. We have developed a complete range of services to bring you closer to your loved ones and simplify your life:


Send money: Send and receive money anytime and anywhere: online, at home or by visiting an agency.

Prepaid Mastercard: With our EasyCard you can buy anywhere in the world, without exceeding your budget. You’re in control!

Top up mobile phone: To always be connected to your loved ones, you can now recharge your phone or theirs at the best price

Currency exchange: We exchange over 80 foreign currencies available in our agencies; you can also book them online.

Bill payments: With our EasyBill service, you can pay your bills on time and in cash at our branches. 100% useful!

Ferry Ticket Purchase: Your ferry tickets to Morocco at the best price with Moneytrans and FRS ; 10 routes available !


In 2018, we will integrate all these services – already available in our agencies – on our iMoneytrans online platform to offer you even more convenience; from 26/02, you will be able to purchase, top up and manage your EASYCARD MasterCard prepaid card with iMoneytrans. With our EasyCard, you can buy with peace of mind, for you and your loved ones, without exceeding your budget and without needing a bank account. A very easy service that you control 100%!


No bank account

The EasyCard card does not require the opening of a bank account or a credit line. It is a simple, useful and low-cost payment card.


No activation fee

To activate your EasyCard, simply load the amount you want to use… and there you go!


Maximum control and management

You can check your balance, control your budget, view your movements and manage your card from our iMoneytrans website at any time. It’s so easy!


For the whole family!

With your EasyCard, you can also control the budget of your family members to whom you can offer a second card that will be linked to your own EasyCard.


What can you do with your EasyCard?

– Shop in over 22 million stores worldwide.

– Shop securely online without having to use a card linked to a bank account.

– Control your expenses without ever exceeding your budget. It is impossible to spend more than what you have loaded on your card!

– View your balance and spend via a personal user platform.

– Reload your card once the balance is depleted and dispose of the funds immediately (see Terms of Use).

– Withdraw cash from an ATM (see terms of use).

– Shop online (see Terms of Use).


For the occasion, take advantage of our exclusive offer, the first 100 customers will benefit from their Mastercard for only 5 €, a 50% discount on the purchase price!





Follow us closely to discover the online activation date of all our other services and benefit from our exclusive promotions 😊

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The Moneytrans team has been specialising in financial services for migrant communities around the world for more than 20 years.

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