Before you use your promotional code, you need to understand how you can send money with iMoneytrans. So we’ll start by explaining to you from scratch how to send money online through our app.


Through this GIF discover how to send money easily, quickly and securely:




When you open the iMoneytrans app or website, we will see 4 simple options. Do you want to know all its advantages?


My beneficiaries

When you press the button “Send money”, you will have to select a beneficiary from the list of people to whom you have already sent money. If you don’t have beneficiaries yet, you must create one by entering their details (name, surname, telephone number).

Beneficiaries can be created manually or imported from the phone contacts for more convenience. It is important to indicate real data as Moneytrans sends our beneficiaries notifications about the progress of their transfers.


Send money

By sending money online you save time and MONEY!  The process is super simple; you just have to enter the important and strictly necessary data so that the money reaches your loved ones quickly:

1. -> Destination country -> 2. Payout option -> 3. Currency -> 4. City -> 5. Payer -> 6. Branch -> 7. Amount that you are sending  -> 8. Payment method -> 9. Calculate the fees -> 10. SEND!


1. Destination country:

Country where your beneficiary lives and will collect the money.


2. Payout option:

Depending on the country where we want to send money we will have access to different payment options (how our beneficiary will receive the funds):

  • In cash
  • To a bank account
  • At home
  • E-money on your mobile phone


3. Currency:

Once we have chosen the payment option you must select the currency in which your beneficiary will receive the money. Some countries allow you to receive money in dollars and/or euros in addition to the local currency (e.g. Peru, Bolivia, …).


4. City:

City where your beneficiary lives and will collect the money.


5. Payer:

The next step is the choice of the payer, which means the network of branches and offices known by the recipient of the money, where the order will be picked up. Each payer offers a different exchange rate, which is indicated on the right. Choose the best one for you!


6. Branch:

Depending on the payer chosen, we will see a list of offices available to collect money.


7. Amount that you are sending:

After having configured the settings for the transfer routing, just indicate the amount you want to send to your loved ones. The best rates and exchange rates will appear, you can check it directly and in total transparency.


8. Payment method (in other words, how we are going to make payment of the transfer costs effective):

We have several options to proceed to payment from the web or the Moneytrans app:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • Bancontact/Mistercash


9. Calculate the fees:

As Moneytrans always offers an infinite number of options, here you can calculate your remittance in two ways:

  • Calculate the amount “to send” : how much money you want to send
  • Calculate the amount “to receive” : if you want to receive 500 USD, the system tells you how much you have to pay in EUR.


NOTA!!! Promotional code

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*1 transfer per customer. Each promotion is unique, and is associated with a destination. Codes must always be written in capital letters.


New: Sending reason

Only one last detail is missing: before clicking on the button SEND you have to select the “sending reason” (education, family support, medical care, …).


10. SEND!

The summary of our operation appears and the payment proceeds according to the payment method selected.


My transactions

You have access at any time to the transactions you have made and the status of your transactions.


My account

Here is where you configure your basic data to access the app.



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