Moneytrans launches a kickoff event with its Spanish sales team to discuss new strategy for 2022

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Last month, in Spain, a Kickoff event took place for our sales team. Led by Kamel Bekhaled, our new Head of Sales who has joined the company this year. It was the perfect opportunity to gather the other new members here in Malaga.

The pandemic has brought with it a new scenario, but also new challenges to face this new stage and review the global commercial strategy focusing on the Smile Account and money transfers in Spain.

During 7 days, the new team members have been dutifully onboarded and received full training. The right sales training resources let you download all of your knowledge, experience, tricks, and sales strategies into an easily digestible format for new hires. It’s like getting plugged into the Matrix and learning Kung-fu in a matter of seconds.

“When your sales team goes from 0 to 1 or 1 to 2, sales training is easy. Your new hire gets to work alongside you and absorb the sales process, see how you handle objections, and where you find leads. But once you start to scale, you can kiss those carefree days goodbye.

As a sales director, it’s my job to give my team the tools they need to be successful. Without effective sales training processes and techniques in place, you’re basically playing a big game of telephone with your values and strategies”, said Kamel Bekhaled.



The team has discovered the new commercial strategy for this year, under the moto “DEAL AND TRUST”, a sales approach that empowers the salesperson to take control of the sales process instead of waiting for the potential customer to do so.

“Many of our agents have lost a lot of clients due to the pandemic and it is our goal to make them regain trust as well as increase their sources of income. They are the core of our business, consequently the sales team will focus on giving them the right tools to succeed in 2022. Not only this, but also giving them hope again by strengthening the relationship with them”, adds Leticia Carbajo, our Managing Director.



With the purpose to support the strategy of the Smile rollout in Spain, we will not only double the sales staff, but we will also concentrate in hiring people with a background in banking and finance. We are so excited to be witnessing the growth of our Spanish sales team and we can’t wait to see their success this year!



The Moneytrans team has been specialising in financial services for migrant communities around the world for more than 20 years.

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