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At Moneytrans we have been listening to our customers for years, looking for the best way to respond to their needs with accessible, affordable and useful products and services that allow them to improve their quality of life and the lives of their loved ones.

After more than 20 years of experience in this sector, we have grown, we have evolved, and we can now say that we are much more than just a remittance company! We are ready to offer solutions to all the financial needs of foreign residents from all over Europe. That’s why we have some great news to announce: we are launching our new website!

We simplify our services


As you probably know, at Moneytrans we have launched a new website. We will explain the reasons why below, but let’s now talk about what it will offer our customers as soon as they access it.

More convenience


We have been working non-stop to offer our customers the best user experience possible, with an easier and more intuitive navigation, a better organisation of content and services, and a faster website! A website with a responsive design that allows pages to adapt to any mobile device from which they may connect and with a more corporate design – more like Moneytrans!

Furthermore, you know that we have the best customer service, so we are not leaving this area behind. Now it will be easier to contact us thanks to our chat – always available on all our pages – or the easy access to our contact page.

Of course, if we have any important information to communicate, we will publish a visible pop up – so that they don’t miss anything!



We have merged our two websites: Moneytrans & iMoneytrans. In this way, we unify our entire offer of products and services available to our customers. Accessible services for everyone.

We are an all-in-one financial solution! We offer solutions to all the financial needs our customers may have. To do so, we have a menu designed for easy access to our key products: send money, open an account… and a submenu where you can find more details about how to manage your finances, pricing, VIP money transfers, and many other benefits.

In short, we simplify our services to make your life easier!

Increased security


At Moneytrans, the security of our customers is our top priority. That’s why we have strengthened our identity verification, authentication and anti-fraud processes.

In addition, we have incorporated direct customer reviews on our website to help people who don’t know us yet.


Multi-service app, an easier way of life


This is the main reason why we have changed our website. We have evolved and we want you to evolve with us. For this reason, our website must better reflect who we are now. We are now much more than a remittance company, we have become the first financial super app designed for migrants and expats living in Europe.

But why? Because at Moneytrans we are empathetic with our clients, that’s why we understand their real needs. We know that travelling to another country, adapting to it, working and taking care of your family at the same time is difficult. We know the value of time, money and security. For all these reasons, our customers can now not only send money through our platform, but also open an account with IBAN number and free Mastercard, top up their mobile phone, pay bills, apply for microloans, and many other services – all in a simple way and with the transparency that has always characterised us!

In short, we offer a new way of living!


The icing on the cake: the Smile Community


The Smile Community is Europe’s largest community of foreign residents created with the aim of connecting more than 10 million people of over 140 different nationalities.

We created the Smile Community to make a significant impact on the lives of foreign residents in Europe, to accompany them in their day-to-day lives, whenever they need us. Through this community, we promote their financial and social inclusion, education and entrepreneurship by offering help in finding employment, legal advice on immigration and citizenship procedures or access to microcredits for entrepreneurship, among other initiatives.

All of this under our aim to spread smiles around the world and make our customers feel at home.

Therefore, welcome to a new way of living more comfortable, simpler, safer, and supported by a community of more than 10 million people all over Europe!

Are you ready to join the new Moneytrans revolution?


Now smile and let us take care of you.



The Moneytrans team has been specialising in financial services for migrant communities around the world for more than 20 years.

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