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How does the EasyTicket service work?

In Moneytrans we try to satisfy all your requirements. This is the reason we are now offering you the possibility of buying your travel tickets to Morocco in a quick and easy way.

More than 10 routes to Morocco

Thanks to Moneytrans’ collaboration with FRS, we are offering the possibility of buying tickets with the option of more than 10 ferry routes.

A simple and quick service

Buying tickets to Morocco through Moneytrans is very simple: you only have to go to one of our agencies and you can purchase it right away.

Ferry Routes to Morocco
  • Ferries from Algeciras to Ceuta
  • Ferries from Algeciras to Tangiers Med
  • Ferries from Ceuta to Algeciras
  • Ferries from Motril to Tangiers Med
  • Ferries from Tangiers to Tarifa
  • Ferries from Tangiers Med to Algeciras
  • Ferries from Tangiers Med to Motril
  • Ferries from Tarifa to Tangiers
  • Ferries from Gibraltar to Tangiers Med
  • Ferries from Tangiers Med to Gibraltar


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