Join the Smile Community

Joining us in the Smile Community means benefiting from the largest support network for fostering the social inclusion of the populations with migrant background in Spain and in Europe.

We connect your values with your financial decisions

Where we keep our money defines who we are. We have the right to choose a financial partner that shares our values as well as offering us the most appropriate services for our lifestyle. Being part of the Smile Community means sharing the same concerns!

It means pushing for financial inclusion, education, entrepreneurial spirit and social insertion. A vocation that has always characterised Moneytrans and which has developed into our social initiatives over all these years.

Making you Smile, always close to you

At Moneytrans, our commitment goes far beyond providing a range of fair financial services. We’re working to change society for the better by helping people in difficulties and those from disadvantaged groups to get skills, to get jobs and have the same opportunities as others do.

With ideas in our heads and people in our hearts, we took up the challenge of helping our clients outmaneuver uncertainty and sustain them through this tough time, beyond financial services, beyond our core business. Moneytrans is bridging the gap between our community and the NGOs that serve their interests.

We’re here to support you in your job search

Working is a source of income, socialization and personal development which can be complicated for people with foreign origins who may face barriers to access the labour market. Fortunately, there are promising avenues: studies indicate that more than 70% of vacancies are filled thanks to networks and connections between individuals.

Very soon, by joining the Smile Community and thanks to our collaboration with some specialised institutions, you will no longer be alone in your job search in Spain.

We’re here to help you with your citizenship applications and more

If you want to apply for nationality, work, or even set up a business in Spain, you can count on Moneytrans to help you make your dreams come true.

We collaborate with lawyers specialised in the field of foreigners’ rights for a guaranteed success; joining the Smile community means being assisted by a team of professionals committed to a high level of availability and a determined fighting spirit.

We’re here to help you start your business by accessing the best micro-loans

As part of our commitment to financial inclusion, we guide and support people excluded from the banking system and the self-employed who wish to create or to develop a small independent business.

Moneytrans joins forces with Nantik Lum to help (future) entrepreneurs in Madrid who do not have access to finance from the traditional banking sector by offering them microcredits and the right to quality advice. Anyone can be an entrepreneur!

We are here to support your learning and training

At Moneytrans we are committed to education as a driver of change around the world. Our mission is to facilitate access to training and tools that promote inclusive learning and ensure opportunities for all.

For this reason, Moneytrans joins Factoría F5 to offer you free training in digital skills in Spain, a sector that is increasingly in demand in our country!

We are here to improve your social integration

At Moneytrans we are committed to the social integration of thousands of expatriates starting a new life. That’s why we make it easy for you by giving you access to Malaga Acoge, the organisation in Malaga which offers free training, job orientation and legal assistance for residents of foreign origin!

“Every man, every woman, regardless of their origin, income, social situation or education, has an inalienable right to economic initiative allowing them to take their destiny into their own hands.”

- microStart

Our mission is to spread smiles around us. Do you Want to contribute?

“Moneytrans wants to offer its clients a concrete investment in causes that have meaning for the entire diaspora. Thus, Moneytrans supports various associations through the ARRONDI Solidaire in order to continue to develop its social involvement and thus strengthen its solidarity ecosystem”

– Jeremy De Smet, CEO of Moneytrans.