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Join a fintech with 20 years of experience and a startup heart ❤️️ A family that seeks to revolutionize an entire industry around values ​​as important as inclusion and equality of opportunities.

Our mission

At Moneytrans we’re constantly growing, developing new products and services and creating opportunities for all. That’s why we love to meet talented people.
Here at Moneytrans we’re more than a team; we’re a family. And our mission is to create a better world. We’re more than 400 people with 50 different nationalities. Four hundred curious, dedicated people, open to new challenges. And, most of all, we believe that our differences make life richer! We also believe in opportunities and internal promotion for our staff. And because of this we feel proud to have changed and improved the lives of many people who are part of our family. If you’re passionate about the world of remittances and personal relations, if you’re an enterprising, responsible and honest person, if you have experience and want to grow professionally, we’d like to meet you! Want to be part of the adventure?

Our philosophy

At Moneytrans we’re proud to be a 100% multicultural team. We’re from all over the place! You’ll hear Spanish, French, English, Arabic…. even Málaga dialect! And we love it. Differences make life richer!
Our work dynamics also give rise to synergy between departments. So every area can count on the support of the others. Here everything adds up to one. We’re all working for the same goal.
At Moneytrans we believe in people and opportunities, and that’s why we want to multiply our team’s potential! We believe in internal promotion, so we pay particular attention to training.

Because we believe in opportunities, at Moneytrans we have a number of workers and partners who began in a specific post and have evolved over the years to reach the top.

At Moneytrans we feel proud of our team, our family. It’s a family that has continued to grow in recent years, thanks to our recruitment campaigns. Our forecast: more growth. Are you on board?
As a team we’re young, flexible and dynamic; we like people who are genuine, motivated, passionate and keen to change the world. A team that believes cultural differences add value and never subtract.
We all give our very best, because we care about our sector and our mission. We know we’re helping to make life better for many people, and that’s why we put in 200% effort every day.
Here we feel at ease, we dress informally, wear fancy dress for Carnival, sign up for viral challenges; we love to laugh and joke. In short, we enjoy our work!
At Moneytrans we’re more than a team; we’re a family. Here everyone knows each other, we share cake on our birthdays, we celebrate Fridays together and we’re always here for each other when the going gets tough.
At Moneytrans our work is based on synergy, and it’s always horizontal. Here the management believes in their team, and vice versa. We’re all equals, and new ideas are always welcomed.
Because we know that work isn’t everything, at Moneytrans we prioritise the work-life balance. Working hours are flexible, because every person’s situation is different, and we believe it’s important to respect that.
At Moneytrans we can boast of having the lowest staff turnover in the business. People who come to Moneytrans… stay on! Some of them have been with us from the start, more than 20 years.

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Job offers

If you look for your dream job in a fast-growing industry If you are passionate about technology If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and take responsibility If you are open, creative and full of ideas If you like to work independently and flexibility Check out our job offers! You could find your happiness there

Product Analyst - Mixed on-site and remote

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