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Send money to more than 140 countries in a matter of minutes? It’s possible with Moneytrans! Whether you are a private individual or a company, make your online international transfers and take advantage of the best commissions now! Better than a bank! We offer you a world of possibilities!
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About us

Offering a quality service at a low price? It´s possible!

In Moneytrans we are a passionate team working very hard to offer you much more than a simple standard transfer service.  The diversification of products and the development of value added services is the motor of our company.

We are not like any other company in the sector…we are a family company which has developed organically, taking advantage of the experience and the savoir-faire of the team to win more than 5,000,000 clients.

We were the first in Europe to offer a low cost, transparent service and we firmly believe that both private individuals and companies deserve a quality service at a fair price.

We offer our network to other companies within the sector because we are not afraid of competition.  Just the opposite! In Moneytrans we believe in synergies.

Sharing smiles around the world


Our Mission

Our first commitment is to support the people who decided to migrate to other countries searching for a better future for their loved ones.

Transfers allow the recipients to improve the education and health of their children.  Therefore, we have always thought that family transfers must be easy to collect, encouraged and convenient.

Because we want to make our clients’ lives easier, we have spent almost 20 years innovating and developing options to bring them closer to their loved ones when they want, where they want, quickly and economically. Learn about our history and our new projects!


More than 20 years of experience

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Making People Smile

At Moneytrans we firmly believe that a better world is possible! That is why we bet on financial inclusion, education, empowerment and interculturality!

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We like talent. We like real, passionate, motivated people with a desire to improve the world. Do you?

In Moneytrans we continue growing, developing new products and services and offering opportunities to everybody. Therefore, we love to receive profiles with talent.

If you are passionate about the world of transfers and personal relationships, if you are an entrepreneur, responsible and honest, if you have experience and wish to progress professionally, we want to meet you! 

Work with us

Moneytrans is a company which allows its employees to grow day by day amid challenges. There are many places to work, but not many in which, as well as working, one LOVES what one does. Without doubt, the Moneytrans culture has that special something which is not found anywhere else, and the truth is that it has been a pleasure for me to grow with the company and I am very enthusiastic about what the future holds.

Paola Luyo, Moneytrans Team

Head of Products & Partnership

In Moneytrans people are the heart of our business and the fruit of our success! Teamwork, synergies and financial inclusion are key concepts for us since the beginning of our adventure.

Francisco Sanchez-Apellániz, Moneytrans

Chairman & Founder

Since I began in Moneytrans I have been passionate about this sector, feeling that I was contributing to improving the lives of less fortunate people. I started as Financial Controller in 2011 and, 3 years later, Francisco proposed the challenge of leading the Spanish branch. Now, six years later, I work side by side with my team to progress and innovate; a team of which I am very proud: nothing would have been possible without each of the members. Moneytrans is a company which believes in opportunities and that creates them; it´s my case too.

Leticia Carbajo, Moneytrans

Country Manager Spain & Head of Marketing

We work ceaselessly to build bridges between online and retail, B2C and B2B, tradition and modernity (fintech) with the only objective of improving people´s lives. I believe in equal opportunities for EVERYBODY, therefore our services are so accessible.

Francisco Sanchez-Apellániz, Moneytrans

Chairman & Founder

13 years ago I joined the Moneytrans family. It seems to have gone by in a blink of an eye! For me, what started as a lesser job during my time as a student, has changed into a marvellous career which still motivates me to do my best every day. I began as a cashier in one of our first branches in Brussels, a year and a half later they allowed me to join Customer Services, then I became Director of the same area for the group. Over the years and with my experience, they trusted me to be Director of Operations and Partners and this road let me to my current job as Director of Products and Partners.

Paola Luyo, Moneytrans Team

Head of Products & Partnership

Moneytrans has become much more than a Money Transfer Operator. Our goal is to create a multiservice approach strengthening the financial inclusion of migrants and underbanked population through as many relevant services as possible, either through traditional retail channels or online. We are therefore expanding the reach of our service package by integrating banking solutions into our current platform allowing the provision of IBAN payment accounts to our customers. Quite a revolution in our industry!

Jeremy De Smet