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More than 10 routes to Morocco, Tunisia and Albania

When you buy your ferry tickets with EasyTicket, you’ll be able to choose from over 10 routes to Morocco, Tunisia and Albania, thanks to our partnership with GNV, ARMAS and FRS.

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Discover the ferry routes available

List of routes to Morocco

List of routes from Morocco

Algeciras > Ceuta

Ceuta > Algeciras

Ceuta > Tangiers

Tangiers > Ceuta

Motril > Tangiers

Tangiers > Motril

Tarifa > Tangiers

Tangiers > Tarifa

Algeciras > Tangiers

Tangiers > Algeciras

Gibraltar > Tangiers

Tangiers > Gilbraltar

Genoa > Tangier

Tangier > Genoa

Sète > Tangier

Tangier > Sète

Sète > Nador

Nador > Sète

Barcelona > Tangier

Tangier > Barcelona

Barcelona > Nador

Nador > Barcelona

Almeria > Nador

Nador > Almeria



Genoa > Tunisia

Tunisia > Genoa

Civitavecchia > Tunisia

Tunisia > Civitavecchia

Palermo > Tunisia

Tunisia > Palermo