Pay your bills in cash with Moneytrans

With our EasyBill service, you can pay bills in cash in Belgium or pay bills abroad for your family, with Moneytrans security!

How does EasyBill work?

At Moneytrans we design our services with you and your loved ones in mind. That’s why, with our EasyBill service, you can make life easier for yourself and your family by paying bills in cash!

Pay bills in cash in Belgium

Take your bill to your nearest Moneytrans office and pay it in cash without hassle. Well pay the sum into your suppliers bank account in just 24 hours 

Pay bills abroad

You can also pay bills for your loved ones in the destination you choose. With our EasyBill service you can continue to care for them and keep control over the money you send overseas. We’ll process your payment in three to five working days!

Pay your bills in just 4 steps


Present your bill at a Moneytrans office, along with your ID document.


Our agents register and fill in all the required information.

Verification and Payment

Once you have checked your details and signed your copy of the form, you will be able to pay your bill!


You’ll receive a receipt and Moneytrans will transfer the money to the recipient’s bank account!

What documents do I need to pay bills?

To pay bills in cash, you’ll need the supplier’s invoice or a rental contract, along with a valid identity document.

In Belgium, accepted ID documents are:

International passport