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At Moneytrans we know how important it is to be able to save a little at the end of the month for your household economy, that’s why today we’re sharing with you some tips that your pocket will be grateful for!


Save with simple DIY

Many times we would like to improve some part of our house, buy new things or send a little more money to our relatives, but the budget is not on our side. Luckily, there’s always a way to cut costs with small actions that have a bigger impact than we think at the end of the month. The rise of DIY (“Do it yourself”) has meant that many people have been able to save a little more and the best thing is that there are endless ideas! There are those who make real works of art out of things we couldn’t even imagine. Although for those of us who are not so handy, we have some very simple DIYs to help you save that extra money!


Shopping bag

More and more shops are charging for shopping bags to encourage plastic reduction, but by carrying your own you’ll be saving those pennies that add up to more than you think. With this DIY trick, you can make your own without having to buy one. How? Very easy! All you have to do is choose an old T-shirt or one that you no longer wear and use scissors to cut a slightly larger hole for a handle and smaller ones at the bottom to make more room for the items you want to store. And that’s it, it won’t take you two minutes to do it and by the time you realise you’ll have saved a few euros!

Make your own cleaning product

Instead of buying endless products for every type of surface, mix water with a little white vinegar and baking soda – in most cases these three ingredients are enough! Besides, the cleaning products we buy are often toxic for us and for the environment, and they are more expensive. With this tip you will be helping your economy and the environment!


Wrap gifts with old newspapers

Why spend money on gift wrapping when you can reuse material you already have? Using newspapers or magazines that you are no longer going to use is a great way to give them a new life and save money at the same time. It will also be an original way to present your gifts, vintage is in!

Recycled organiser

Think of all the cardboard toilet paper rolls we use every month, it’s something we all have and use very often, what if you could make an organiser with them to store school supplies, make-up or any other kind of things you want to store? Just stick them together with glue or silicone and place them on a flat surface. Have you ever thought of such a practical use? Next time, before you throw them in the paper bin, think about whether you could use them for something like this – can you think of more uses? Share with our community of foreign-born residents!

Recycled piggy bank

And for what you will be saving, you can easily make a piggy bank by reusing a cocoa or powdered milk tin. Just make a slit in the lid and? Ready to fill! If you have children, doing this DIY with them will be a good way to involve them and make them aware of the importance of saving at home.


Recycled wallet

Saving with a wallet that didn’t cost you anything is a real statement of intent. How can you make your own purse to store your cash and Smile card? Quite simply, take an empty juice or milk carton and cut it open at the top and bottom. Once cut, fold it as shown in the photo. Finally, decorate it as you like: stick a cloth on it to make it last longer, put some adhesive tape on it or add accessories to give it an original touch. Let your imagination run wild!

Other DIYs that will help you save money

If you’re feeling more creative, there are all kinds of DIYs on the internet! There are those who dare to make curtains out of bottle caps, tables made out of soda cans, bags out of soda can rings, cushion stuffing out of clean socks that you no longer use and endless ideas that show that there are many things that we can do ourselves and we don’t need to buy. Changing our consumption habits and choosing the smartest option will be a great help to our pocket when we realise it.

Moreover, you can apply this advice to any area of your life, whether at home, in the shop where you go shopping or when choosing the account that best fits your budget. Think like a saver and you will act like a saver!



The Moneytrans team has been specialising in financial services for migrant communities around the world for more than 20 years.

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