simple reasons to open your Smile Account

An account for your everyday life

To help your loved ones

*Coming soon

To pay anywhere in Belgium and abroad

Thanks to your card, in shops or on the internet.

Cash withdrawal at a Moneytrans branch or ATM anywhere in the world.

To receive payments

Receive payments such as: salary, pension, allowances, etc.

Make deposits into your account in a branch or online.

To pay your invoices

By direct debit: Electricity, telephone, Netflix, etc.

By bank transfer to pay for: rent, loan, one-off invoice, etc.

Our customers talk about the Smile Account

You deserve the best. Smile, we are here to take care of you

For the first time, a current account focuses on the financial needs of overseas communities all over Europe. The first account that takes you and all your financial needs into account! Enjoy the best banking experience but without the costs of traditional banks! Benefit now from the advantages of using the bank-free account that is reinventing the rules of the game!

Forget your old and painful banking experience!

With the Smile Account, you have the control! You can carry out your transactions and transfers online via the Moneytrans app or at one of our 3,000-plus offices all over Europe. Our agents will greet you with their best smile and in your own language.

More than an account, a community

Let us look out for you, beyond your bank account. You have to earn money, pay bills, get insurance, and send your support to your loved ones. When you join the Smile community, you get access to a network of partners carefully selected to simplify your life. Earn more, save time & money, and feel like home!

More inclusive

An accessible account that is a huge step forward for the financial inclusion of millions of foreign residents.