Sending large international transfers without any stress

Do you need to send a large sum of money to buy a house or pay a mortgage outside your country of residence? Perhaps you need to pay school fees for your son or the suppliers for your daughter’s wedding abroad… Forget banks, save for your big plans and discover our VIP transfer service.

At Moneytrans, we support your dreams.

At Moneytrans we take care of everything at the best price! That’s what being a VIP means.

As a foreign exchange specialist, we offer better rates than a traditional bank. If you are like us and need to see it to believe it ask your bank how much it costs to send 50,000 euros to your country of origin. Something Experience tells us that we are always cheaper.

Personalised attention

Our experts are on hand to answer all your questions and help you with the formalities.

Real-time tracking

You’ll always be informed of the status of your order at all times.

How can I send large sums with Moneytrans?

Send us the documentation

You can send the documentation by email to

We’ll call you immediately

Moneytrans will get in touch very quickly to give you your customer code.

Make your transfer

Now you can transfer money from your account to one of our accounts.

Almost there!

Moneytrans will call you quickly and take care of making the transfer and informing the beneficiary.

We believe in your dreams

Buying a property

No matter what size your property abroad is, you don’t have room for hidden extra costs. And neither do we. With complete transparency, you’ll know in advance the exchange rate and commission that will apply to your transfer. 

Enrollment for study

Don’t learn about exchange rates the hard way, at the hands of the banks. They like to put their rates up, but we believe in high-quality service at a fair price. 

Moving savings

It’s money that you’ve earned through your own efforts. It doesn’t belong to the banks. Or to us. Thanks to our competitive exchange rates, you’ll be taking more of your savings home.

Transferring an inheritance

Grieving a loss is hard enough you don’t want to deal with money issues at the same time. At Moneytrans, our commitment is to make your life simpler with easy procedures and the best support.

We’ll contact you now

Your money in good hands.

Moneytrans is an authorised financial institution, regulated by the National Bank of Belgium and many other regulators all over Europe. To protect your money, we safeguard it in financial institutions, including ING, BNP Paribas Fortis and KBC..

We’re also backed by the loyalty of over 10 million customers.

Huka hukahuka
3 weeks ago
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“I have just received the new Smile Mastercard, I can shop online and fund my account both at a branch or from home. I was very well guided by the staff on site. “
Nayara Soares
5 weeks ago
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“I love the service of this agency, they are always very friendly and my money arrives to the bank account in Brazil within 20 minutes, I highly recommend them.”
Nora Avila
5 weeks ago
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“I received a Smile Account card for free which allows me to make money transfers while enjoying the advantages of a Mastercard! Moreover, the exchange rate is very attractive for Peru.“
Felipe Bolaños Iondoño
30 weeks ago
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“They provide a good service, quite fast, and if there is any problem with your money transfer they call you immediately to solve it. You can trust them.”

Frequently-asked questions

  • Identification document (in case of new client)
  • Declaration for transfers of more than €3,000
  • Copy of the customer’s bank book showing the following information:
  • First page of the bank book with the customer’s details and account number.
  • Movements of money in and out (your account should show the origin of the money to be sent, and the transfer made from your bank account to your Moneytrans account).
  • A document that accredits the origin of the money (payslip, severance pay, etc).

You can transfer the money from your account to one of the following accounts:



IBAN: BE92 0014 6853 3823




IBAN : BE18 3630 4842 4965


(Accounts with IBAN)


*NB: the concept field of the transfer must contain the customer code previously supplied and the name of the beneficiary.