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The heroes who left their home countries to start a new life in Europe tell us their personal stories, and how the Smile Account helped them settle in, adapt and save their money to live like a local.

When Alicia asked in many banks but was asked for documents she didn’t have.

When Matias needed a cheap way to send money to his family in Paraguay.

When Moussa visited his neighbourhood agent who is also from Cameroon.

When Yasine discovered the Smile Account on Facebook, and asked her friends for their opinion.

When Betty found the account that cares about the foreign community.

When Alslen discovered that the Smile Account gave her a free Mastercard.

When Marta’s niece told her there was an account for foreigners.

When Natalia was looking for a job and was asked for an account to deposit her salary.

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25 years bringing more than 10 million migrants living in Europe closer to home. Discover their experience with Smile Account and remittances.

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