With the Smile Account everything is crystal clear !

No strings, no hidden fees and no small print. At Moneytrans we choose transparency.

Hot Deal

No maintenance costs for the first 5,000 accounts!

3 times cheaper than a conventional bank account

Save up to 140€ a year on fees and secure yourself exclusive rewards.

Minimum initial deposit

€5 – Available in your account immediately!

First deposit

Free of charge

Admission policy


Annual maintenance

€20/year – *Free for the first 5.000 accounts!

Mastercard debit card

Free of charge

Withdrawal at ATMs

€ 1,50 (Moneytrans offices)

International money transfers

SEPA transfers (*2 per month)

Free of charge

Transfer to another Smile Account

Free of charge

Access to your personal iMoneytrans space to manage your account

Free of charge

SMS security system to validate your transactions

Free of charge

Fees for the use of the payment services

Account services

Annual account maintenance fee

0,00 EUR*

Package including the following services

Provision of a debit card

Use of the transactional website www.moneytrans.eu

Account statements via the transactional website

Sending of a security SMS to authenticate payment transactions

Temporary blocking/ unblocking of the debit card

Exchange of a defective debit card

Closing of the account


Account statements via the transactional website

2,00 EUR

Mailing of a new PIN by post

2,00 EUR

Provision a replacement debit card

(in case of loss/theft/cancellation of the previous card)

9,00 EUR

Account transactions

Funds deposit on the account* at an authorized Moneytrans agency**

Totally FREE until the end of September!

0.5% of the amount

Funds deposit on the account* via the transactional website

1% of the amount

Cash withdrawal from the account at an authorized Moneytrans agency**

1,5 EUR

0,35 EUR

Incoming SEPA payment

Free of charge

Funds transfer to another Smile Account (SEPA)

Free of charge

Funds transfer to a third-party account / standing order / direct debit in euros (SEPA):

First two monthly operations

Subsequent operations

Free of charge

0,35 EUR

Rejection of a payment order due to insufficient funds on the account

5,00 EUR

Card transactions

Payments in euros at retailers or on the Internet (SEPA)


Cash withdrawals at ATMs (SEPA)***

2,00 EUR

Cash withdrawals at ATMs (outside SEPA)***

5,00 EUR

Margin on the exchange rate for payments and cash withdrawals in a foreign currency***

3% of the amount

*The first deposit made when opening the account (in cash or using a debit/credit card) is free of charge.

**Only the Moneytrans offices and certain delegate agents are authorized to provide payment account services. In case of doubt, contact our help desk (02 227 18 20) to locate the nearest authorized agency.

***Moneytrans is not liable for the additional fees that foreign banks may separately levy for processing payments or cash withdrawals at their terminals or ATMs.

The SEPA Zone (Single European Payments Area), includes 36 countries, of which the 27 member states of the European Union
(Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy,
Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia,
Spain, Sweden) as well as Andorra, Iceland, the Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Monaco, San Marino and Vatican City. The

Fees for the use of the payment services, valid from 18/11/2019.
Moneytrans Payment Services SA (BE.0449.356.557) – Boulevard de Waterloo 77/01, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.

Smile Account Limits

Withdrawal limits

ATM: 500 EUR / 30 days

At a branch: 250 EUR / 30 days

Payment limits

Shops, online: 2.500 EUR / 30 days

Cash deposit limits

At a branch: 750 EUR / 30 days

Account recharge limits

By card or bank transfer:

10.000 EUR / 30 days

Limits on outgoing transfers

National or SEPA: 10.000 EUR / 30 days

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