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Pay your bills with EasyBill!

At Moneytrans we try to satisfy all your needs. That is why we now also offer you the possibility of paying your bills in cash in Belgium and in other countries.

Pay your bills in Belgium

Take your bill to your closest Moneytrans agency and pay the amount to the cashier. We will deposit the money in the invoice’s account in 24 hours.

Pay Your Bills Overseas

We are developing the possibility of paying your loved ones’ bills wherever you wish and you can control much better the way the money that you send abroad is used. We process your payment safely in a period of one to three working days.

Moneytrans makes your life easier….Find your closest office!

How does the EasyBill service work?

With Easybill we help you pay your bills very quickly. Just a few steps which will make your life easier!

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Identify yourself!

Bring your bill to a Moneytrans agency, together with your ID. It must be a valid identification document. Check below all of the available options.

acceso a plataforma


Our agents will register and complete all the necessary data and information. For rent payment, we need a copy of the contract.

Sala de Mercado de Divisas

Verification and Payment

Once the information has been processed, you will receive a copy so that you can check it and sign it. Now you can pay your bill in our agency!

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It’s done!

You will get a payment receipt and we will transfer the money to the recipient’s bank account (1-3 days if it is the same country and 3-5 days if it’s for other EU countries)

Necessary documentation

Documentación necesaria: necesitas traer la factura del proveedor o contrato de alquiler junto a una identificación válida.

*Valid ID’s in the Netherlands

  • International passport
  • Dutch National ID card
  • ID card from an EU member state but NOT a residence permit from another EU member state
  • Dutch or EU member state driving license
  • Dutch residence permit
What bills can I pay with Easybill?

With Easybill you can pay bills from any type of service supplier: telephone, electricity, water, etc. You can also pay your house rental.

*In order to pay your rent, you need to bring a copy of your contract. You should also know that rental contracts cannot be paid by third parties.